The Mendoza brand was founded in 2021 by fashion enthusiast, Ale Mendoza. Born and raised in Los Angeles, at the age of 18, Ale began showing her love for fashion and heels on social media, allowing her long-time supporters to follow her journey and inspire others to reach their dreams. Having attended a 4 year university in California and pursuing a degree in Social Work with a minor in Communication Studies, Ale Mendoza chose to go a route where her true passion was.

Launching during a time where businesses are closing, at just 25 years old, she decided to move forward and launching her long awaited brand to finally see the light of day. 

Pants and seamless shirts have been a signature piece in Ale's wardrobe, proving that her signature aesthetic can be translated across multiple categories giving the customer versatility through their clothing.

In 2022, after only a year in business, Ale successfully pioneered the knit co-ord set featuring ruched drawstrings with a matching thong and matching pants, instantly making it her best seller till this day.